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From: Philippe Lhoste
Date: 11/25/2010 3:04 AM
On 25/11/2010 10:49, Axel Kittenberger wrote:
Thanks for the suggestions. Linking statically however causes crashes if you ever pull in anything else dynamically (different malloc/free address spaces). That means that you can no longer ever link in a DLL (eg. luasocket) once the main Lua is not
also a DLL.

This comes as surprise for me, can someone second that? If true, is this a windows only
limitation or universal?

To my knowledge (there are people with more experience in the field that can comment more precisely), the main issue is that in Windows at least, several C runtime DLLs can coexist. It went particularly ugly with the latest versions of Visual Studio...

The above comment is preventive: everything can be OK in this scenario, but indeed, you can find yourself with a block of memory allocated by one Windows runtime DLL (eg. calling malloc() in one library), and free it with another (eg. calling free() in the main application), which leads to a crash. It can be better if as a rule, the library that allocated memory also provides the way to free it, and users stick to this policy.

I think Asko(?) actually came up with an implementation that handled multiple versions of Lua in LuaX. I never used it, but I went over the implementation, and it looked effective.

My approach for handling a part of this problem is here: