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 any platform, but most often Windows.  Unix dynamic
> linking is more delayed and 'dynamic'. So you can statically link in a
> library with your Lua 5.2. The trouble happens at runtime when a Lua
> 5.1 module is brought in, and yells that it can't find some deprecated
> API function.  (Which is deliberately made hard, they sit in different
> directory trees.)
> Nick's problem is that he does not want to control what people do with
> his software. So they'll find a Lua 5.1 extension and of course it
> won't link or (worse) it will half-work because of the allocator
> issues discussed. You get this also with different MS runtimes even
> with just Lua 5.1.

Yes but this is a lua 5.1 vs 5.2 problem, and the MS-Runtime-Hell
thats Microsoft felony (took me also once days to get a runtime for
2003 which they never release as a selfcontained bundle). Not a "you
cannot statically link lua and dynamically load libraries". Ms-Runtime
hell hits you IMHO nevertheless if you load it dynamically or
statically, as afaik on MS you cannot link to "the newest version"