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On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 10:29 AM, Terry Bayne <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I would really like to wrap them up in a .NET program executable to
> configure and start the scripts and capture any error output and what
> not.
> So that is the context, here are my questions:
> 1.  I know that using LuaInterface I can easily work with Lua from
> .NET.  Is there an easy way to use LuaSQL with this configuration?
> What I mean is what dependencies do I need to account for and deploy
> with the executable?

The Lua DLL, the LuaInterface DLLs, and the LuaSQL DLLs/driver DLL(s)
for the client that you are using (the SQLite driver can be compiled
statically in the LuaSQL DLL).

> 2.  Is the version of luaInterface that is part of the Lua for Windows
> install usable?  I don't think it's the latest.

It is. The maintainers decided to go with compiling Lua as managed C++
for version 2, so the version shipping with Lua for Windows is the
latest version that works with regular Lua libraries.

> 3.  Does Lua for Windows installation put the luaInteface.dll in the GAC?

I would guess no, can anyone from LfW confirm/deny that?

> 4.  Does the version luaInterface.dll included with Lua for Windows
> expose the LoadFile() method?

There is only DoFile, but notice that DoFile will throw an exception
in case of errors, not panic and crash your program like the regular
lua_dofile, so there is no need to do tha lua_loadfile/lua_pcall combo
in LuaInterface.

> So to summarize I need to be able to call Lua and load the LuaSQL
> module from a .NET program.

require will work fine if you have the LuaSQL dlls in your package.cpath.

Fabio Mascarenhas