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I've got a problem I need to solve and thought I would check and see
if anyone has done it before, or has a suggested plan of attack.

I've written a couple of pieces of Lua to handle some data migration
tasks (via LuaSQL) - they work great and are easily the most complex
Lua code I have written to date.

I would really like to wrap them up in a .NET program executable to
configure and start the scripts and capture any error output and what

So that is the context, here are my questions:

1.  I know that using LuaInterface I can easily work with Lua from
.NET.  Is there an easy way to use LuaSQL with this configuration?
What I mean is what dependencies do I need to account for and deploy
with the executable?

2.  Is the version of luaInterface that is part of the Lua for Windows
install usable?  I don't think it's the latest.

3.  Does Lua for Windows installation put the luaInteface.dll in the GAC?

4.  Does the version luaInterface.dll included with Lua for Windows
expose the LoadFile() method?

So to summarize I need to be able to call Lua and load the LuaSQL
module from a .NET program.

Any input would be appreciated.


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