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> >That was my guess too, but it would seem that band, bor, bxor are decent 
> >alternatives.  It is UGLY.  If you look at the 5.2 reference index, the 
> >first things you notice are _VERSION and bit32.XXXX.  Here's hoping this 
> >will change before 5.2 is officially released.
> In the same topic, is the '32' (in bit32 library) really relevant ? What happens when somebody hacks/improves bit32 library to deals with 64 bits integers (something that has been done in this very list ;-) )

Being "32 bit" is not a limitation, but a "feature". A library dealing
with 64-bit integers should be called "bit64", and probably be offered
together with bit32, not as a replacement.

-- Roberto