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Alexander Gladysh wrote:
> Furthermore, I'm (that is, me, personally, and my team) forced to live
> in the LJ2 dialect ecosystem. We depend too much on the speed. :-)

Pick your poison. You could have ended up with Java, you know.

If it solved your performance issues, then LuaJIT has simply
delivered on its promise, so why worry? And you're not alone:

Given the number of mails from game companies I'm getting
recently, you'll see quite a few PC games which will include
LuaJIT instead of Lua in the near future (can't disclose any
details of course).

But I'm allowed to tell you that e.g. 'The Settlers 7' (*), which
is out since March 2010, switched over to LuaJIT 2.0 late during
production. This allowed them to add more AI and extra features
and still keep up the frame rates on low-end machines.


> All I ask from you is to think about the Lua future. LJ2 has serious
> impact on it due to its awesomeness.

I did and I still do. But you're overestimating my influence.

> I'm not saying that my opinion should have any weight here though. I'm
> not a language evolution expert :-)

And then you're quoting Stroustrup? Geee ... :-)