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Arseny Vakhrushev wrote:
> > That original message from Arseny never reached
> > Daniel has found no trace of it, using 
> > 	Message-Id: <>
> > though it is referenced in the message from Arseny that did reach us:
> > 	Message-Id: <>
> > 	
> > Arseny could you please check in your gmail account that your original message
> > has been sent? That's
> Actually, it hasn't. Sorry for making this confusion. By
> accident, I sent the first message to the former list's address
> <> and then decided to reply to
> myself to clear some things out without re-sending the first
> message again.

Ok, good to see that cleared up. But the problem with the delayed
messages definitely happened several times before that. The recent
incident just prompted me to report it.

I have full access to the mail logs on my server, so I'll report
to Daniel if it happens again.