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Around the time the Lua mailing list switched servers, I've
noticed unreliable delivery from time to time. I often see replies
to messages before I see the original message. So far they've all
arrived, but sometimes it took a day. E.g. I've not received the
original message from Arseny in the 'memory limit' thread, yet.

I'm sure my mail server is 100% up and the logs show no
connectivity problems. Also, I've looked into the different Lua
mailing list archives and they seem to be incomplete and
inconsistent in many ways (e.g. gmane has not received any message
today). So it's probably not just me.

[Apparently is running Exim on Debian.
Alas, the standard configuration is absolutely not suitable to run
a mailing list of this size. Unless the limits have been tweaked
and the worker processes have been scaled up, it's going to end up
with tons of undeliverable, delayed or frozen messages in
/var/spool/exim. Since every queue runner has to traverse them
all, you end up with an O(n^2) scaling problem which brings down
the best server. Maybe the admins want to take a look at that.]