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For Linux, the Makefile in 5.1 used
	-lreadline -lhistory -lncurses

In 5.2 it is now
	-lreadline -lncurses
but many current Linux (e.g. Ubuntu) do not need any additional library
to use readline. This is the case with Mac OS X as well. Some Linux
(e.g. CentOS 5.5) need -ltermcap and don't have -lncurses. (Perhaps it's
just the one CentOS I have access to.)

I've tried to find out what is the official way to use readline but failed:
readline seems to work with either -lncurses or -ltermcap.

Also, I no longer have access to several flavors of Linux; around here it's
mostly Ubuntu and CentOS and a couple of old Fedora.

Anyone has thoughts on what to use for the various Unix targets in Makefile?
Or on what targets to include or drop? My previous plea on this subject
did not get much response: