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My work on an Eclipse style Lua IDE has reached a new milestone and I felt it
was ready for another [ann].

If you would like to try it you can use the free version of IntelliJ

You can enable the plugin by going to the File/Settings menu, then on
the Plugins tab locate and install the Lua plugin from the list of
available plugins.

The project homepage is, there are
a *A LOT* of screenshots and the source code.

This is the last of the v0.8 series. I'm interested in getting as much feedback
as possible as I release 0.9 and am on the home stretch for v1.0 by the end of
the year.


JavaHelp For Lua 5.1
Execution in the Kahlua interpreter 
Identifier Highlighter
Go to definition 
find usages 
Code formatting 
Keyword completion
5 code intentions(s)
6 code inspection(s)
Highlighting global vs local variables
Script execution and run configurations
Kahlua interpreter window for interactive script execution (repl)
Comes with an embedded Lua compiler written in Java (Kahlua)
Structure view
Syntax checking
Syntax highlighting - including proper handling of extended syntax comments and
Customizable highlighting colors
Code folding for code blocks and comments
Brace Matching for do blocks, long strings and comments, and (, { , [
Minor feature comment inout.