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Joe Finn <> wrote:

> Three quick questions --
> 1. Can OS (win32) thread contain separate instances of Idle?

Sorry, I don't understand the question.

> 2. Can you call Idle from C++ code (managed code)?


> 3. Can Idle call .NET classes like in the LuaInterface project (that by the
> way doesnt work for me...)?

Not out of the box, but this could be added.

> 4. Can I use VS2010 Express to embed the Idle DLL in a C/C++ program?

I assume with "embed" you mean calling functions in the Idle runtime
DLL? You can use whatever language/toolchain you want as long as it can
load a DLL and call its functions.

The interpreter is in itself a small C program that simply loads and
uses the Idle runtime DLL which contains all the "meat".

cheers  thomasl