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Hi Thomas

Three quick questions --

1. Can OS (win32) thread contain separate instances of Idle?
2. Can you call Idle from C++ code (managed code)?
3. Can Idle call .NET classes like in the LuaInterface project (that by the way doesnt work for me...)?
4. Can I use VS2010 Express to embed the Idle DLL in a C/C++ program?



On Tue, Jun 22, 2010 at 6:27 AM, Thomas Lauer <> wrote:
Idle 1.01 released

I am happy to announce the release of Idle version 1.01. This is a
bugfix and documentation enhancement release.

See for details about Idle and for downloads.

This version is released under an MIT-style licence. It is available for
systems running Windows 2000 and later.

What is Idle?

Idle is an extremely compact scripting language based on Lua (see ). Idle adds some language features to the mix,
offers a comprehensive runtime library and a compiler that produces
extremely small .exe files, both for the console and gui subsystems.

The Idle core library (idle03.dll, just 230 KB) supports, among many
other things, the following:

- a complete GUI module for simple dialog boxes
- pre-emptive multitasking (besides coroutines which are also supported)
- win32 enhancements: console window support, the ability to send
 keystrokes to other applications and manipulate windows and   processes
- full Perl-compatible regular expressions
- mapping and reading of archive files (.zip and .7z files)
- a socket library for networking support (high- and low-level)
- a transparent just-in-time compiler backend which makes an already
 fast language even faster

Among the optional add-ons are the following libraries:

- embed live Perl code (supports dynamic loading of Perl modules)
- compile and execute C code on the fly
- complete SQLite 3 support

cheers  thomasl

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