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On Sun, Jun 6, 2010 at 12:55, David Kolf <> wrote:
> HyperHacker schrieb:
>> After applying several patches to a copy of the Lua source code, what
>> I've come up with is no longer compatible with most existing Lua
>> libraries and bytecode. I'd like to change the name of the binaries,
>> libraries, headers etc so that they can be installed alongside the
>> original Lua and not conflict. What all do I need to change?
> I have only the default Lua in the path, patched versions stay in their
> own directories and I have to call or link to them explicitly. On
> Unix-like systems you might put symbolic links with their own names in
> the path which link to your modified binaries.
> Best regards,
> David

That doesn't seem very feasible if I want the patched versions to be
used by multiple programs and install those programs on any system
besides my own.

I've tried simply renaming all the library and header files, and that
has failed so miserably that the result seems to defy logic. Somewhere
there are still references to the originals that I can't find.

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