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I am happy to announce the release of stdlib release 15,
General Lua libraries.

This release fixes list.foldl, list.foldr, the fold iterator combinator and
io.writeLine. It also simplifies the op table, which now merely sugars the
built-in operators rather than extending them. It adds a new tree module,
which subsumes the old table.deepclone and table.lookup functions.
table.subscript has become op["[]"], and table.subscripts has been removed;
the old treeIter iterator has been simplified and generalised, and renamed
to nodes. The mk1file script and std.lua library loader have had the module
list factored out into modules.lua. strict.lua from the Lua distribution is
now included in stdlib, which has been fixed to work with it. Some minor
documentation and other code improvements and fixes have been made.

Get it from