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After your help, I was able to load it, and almost works perfectly. Currently I want to use GetVolumeInformationA, which prototype is the following: BOOL ::GetVolumeInformation(LPCWSTR lpRootPathName, LPWSTR lpVolumaNameBuffer, DWORD nVolumeNameSize, LPDWORD lpVolumeSerialNumber,LPDWORD lpMaximumComponentLength, LPDWORD lpFileSystemFlag, LPWSTR lpFileSystemNameBuffer,DWORD nFileSystemNameSize) LPDWORD is unsigned long* , so I should pass a referenced value to get the value, but I can't, because only ref char, ref int and ref double are available, but ref long isn't. What can I do to make this working? I Googled a lot, but there is only one working Windows example on the stackoverflow forum. Can somebody mention some places where I can find more?
Thanks: Attila