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David Given wrote:

Well, as a counter-example, I work with embedded systems for a living
and find Android an *utter joy* to use. The SDK Just Works. I can fire
up the IDE, create a project, plug in the phone, press the run button
and it runs (on the phone). I can then press the debug button and it
debugs (on the phone).

If you compare Android to WinMo, there is simply no comparison. And
let's not even mention the long-drawn-out train wreck that is Symbian. I
have yet to see any other embedded development environment that is as
easy to use and work with as Android.

(Oh, and Android does come with a Lua interpreter --- but I don't know
if it's available for use by applications.)

Google says to use the ASE if you want to script in Lua:

"Lua, Python, and Perl are actually the C versions running natively."

A sample Lua script:

require "android"

name = android.getInput("Hello!", "What is your name?")
-- A convenience method for inspecting dicts (tables)
android.makeToast("Hello, " .. name.result)