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Well, just in case anyone wants to try murgaLua, and does not want to
make a forum-account to download the snapshot, its here:
It's the Windows/Linux/OSX/FreeBSD/OpenMoko/Solaris version.

* Luciano de Souza <> [100326 11:12]:
> My
> problem is I am not a C program, for this reason, I have never
> compiled C sources. I have tried to do it with Dev-C. Despite my
> null knowledge in C, I considered that C compilation would not be so
> difficult. But after perform the compilation with ctrl+f9, I didn't
> get my DLL.
> Unfortunately, what I could not obtain was the DLL for Luasqlite3. I
> don't know what is the way. All Lua programmers need to know how to
> compile C programs? Is this a pre-requisit for Lua developers?
No need to compile, the binaries are in the package, its in

BTW, would anyone encounter any bugs, please feel free to report them
to the forum ;)



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