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The package you sent me is very nice. More than Luasqlite, I find several libraries. However, I am not sure if I will be able to use it. Actually, I had found Luasqlite3 source code in Lua Forge. My problem is I am not a C program, for this reason, I have never compiled C sources. I have tried to do it with Dev-C. Despite my null knowledge in C, I considered that C compilation would not be so difficult. But after perform the compilation with ctrl+f9, I didn't get my DLL.

Unfortunately, what I could not obtain was the DLL for Luasqlite3. I don't know what is the way. All Lua programmers need to know how to compile C programs? Is this a pre-requisit for Lua developers?

Well, I am only a begginer. You can imagine how much background I need to gather. Despite this, in this moment, if Lua sites only become available source codes, I will consider this procedure a severe obstacle to begginers.

I am blind and I handle with the computer by means of a screen reader. If at the site there is the DLLs for Windows, I could not find. But I think there is only the source codes.

I have been studying Lua and I got some interesting things. The language is really powerful and the tools are very accesible for my screen reader. But everything I got up to now is related only to Lua, its interpretor and Lua embedded in Pascal programs. If it's possible, initially I wouldn't like to handle with C, but if it is really necessary, well, it's better to know and start working!

Thank you very much for the package!

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