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"Nikolai Kondrashov" <>:

The lua-xgettext could be located at

If I understand that correctly, I need to install Haskel, cabal
and darcs only to download lua-xgettext? That's quite heavy...

Our current differences from the upstream are attached. They add support for
the modulo operator, numeric character escapes and shebang.

I'll try to submit our changes to Tuomo (the author) once again. Maybe he
just overlooked my message.

As to the Lua interface to the intl library, unfortunately, I'm not in a
position to release the sources, but it is pretty easy to do your own.

Well, my interest in that isn't big enough to try to write
a Lua module like Python's gettext to access the .mo files.

In any case I'm starting to better understand the situation
around gettext support in Lua.