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I've subscribed temporarily to this list in order to get some qualified
response after sort of failing to find it via the usual search engines.

I'm not really a Lua user in the sense of writing code, but I sometimes
contribute translations to a project written largely in Lua, Liquid
Feedback, see [1] (and apart from that I translated Roberto's book into
German a while ago, see [2]). At the beginning I considered LQFB's
approach to i18n/l10n to be very "simple-minded" to put it mildly, see
e.g. [3].

So I did some research (including archives of this list) to find out
if Lua supported GNU gettext which I think can safely be considered
a standard which is backed by many tools. Unfortunately, I haven't
found a definitive conclusion other than GNU gettext not supporting
Lua and Lua not providing standard tools for handling gettext files

Therefore my question is, more or less, is that really so? And if it
is, what's the recommended method for handling i18n/l10n in Lua?

Being more at home in the Python camp I can see there some gettext com-
patible tools [4, 5] and I would expect this to be possible in Lua as



[2] [3]