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On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 11:27, A.S. Bradbury <> wrote:
> Maybe I'm not understanding you properly, but isn't your C skiplist
> library just as efficient in LuaJIT as in standard Lua. It's just that
> with LuaJIT the transition disables optimisations and so your other
> plain Lua code is not as efficient as it once was.

I'll first have to write the C version and benchmark it in 5.1 vs the
pure Lua version in LuaJIT. There are some cases where C(++) is still
faster than LuaJIT, and most C libs don't have a pure Lua

BTW, would this code trick the JIT?
result = (function() return callHeavyCfunction() end)()

-- Pierre-Yves