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Mike Pall wrote:
Tim Mensch wrote:
> I'm using LuaJIT 1.1.5 embedded in a Windows/Mac game SDK (Playground), > and it's be working fine for me.

Ah, good to know.
Too bad I can't type, though. "It's be working..."  Ah well.
But one thing: I'd like to ask you to make it clear for your users
that you're using LuaJIT 1.x and not 2.x. Most of the talk on the
Lua mailing list or elsewhere now focuses on 2.x features and
performance. That could be a potential source of confusion for
your users.
OK, I'll be sure to include that in the docs. I will consider shifting to 2.x later, though I'm not sure that it will actually work as well for us: The alternate C stacks in LuaJIT 1.x mean that people can suspend their coroutines from within their C functions, and with C functions on the stack. I assume that won't work in LuaJIT 2.x because of the new way things work? Or am I wrong?
> One of the SDK users, though, pointed > out a problem reported when using the Microsoft Application Verifier. > (

Congratulations! He found the first real bug since two years. :-)
That's what made be doubt my own eyes. And his bug report at first, frankly. My gut was that the Application Verifier was broken with respect to JIT code, but then I realized this was happening before the JIT code was even generated, so I dug deeper.
That's the correct fix.
Glad I was able to help. :)


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