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I'm using LuaJIT 1.1.5 embedded in a Windows/Mac game SDK (Playground), and it's be working fine for me. One of the SDK users, though, pointed out a problem reported when using the Microsoft Application Verifier. (

When run with the Application Verifier, I end up with a crash that is 100% reproducible, though only after a relatively complex set-up. After some deep debugging, I came up with this "fix":

static Table *jit_createstate(lua_State *L, StkId arg, int nargs)
 Table *st;
 int i;
// If this function reallocates the stack, then arg, which points into the old stack, is invalidated
//  luaC_checkGC(L);
 st = luaH_new(L, nargs, COMSTATE_PREALLOC);
 for (i = 0; i < nargs; i++)
   setobj2t(L, luaH_setnum(L, st, i+1), arg+i);
 return st;

The luaC_checkGC() call can reallocate the stack to a completely new location; the Application Verifier may be forcing realloc() to always pick a new location? Not sure why the bug doesn't show up normally, otherwise.

In any event, this looks like it might be a real bug, since arg can become a dangling pointer. At least when the realloc() happens when jit_createstate() is called from luaJIT_run(), the next line crashes:

 Table *st = jit_createstate(L, func+1, L->top-(func+1));
int status = jit_compile(L, func, st, 0); The crash happens on clvalue(func) in jit_compile(), since func is now pointing at the old stack location, which is now bad memory. I'm assuming that simply commenting out the offending luaC_checkGC() should be safe, so I don't need any immediate assistance, but if my analysis is correct, then this may be a real (if extremely infrequent!) bug, and not just a ghost caused by the verifier. Sorry if I've just missed something obvious.

LuaJIT is awesome, of course.


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