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2010/3/21 Petr Štetiar <>
Vincent Torri <> [2010-03-21 15:16:26]:

> On Sun, Mar 21, 2010 at 2:39 PM, Petr Štetiar <> wrote:
> >
> > No, it's not that simple as you think :-) It uses wcelibcex[1] library and
> > luace.h contains all the missing ANSI/C bits for the CE/Mobile. Because
> > there's no main() function in CE/Mobile luace.c is trying to mimic it's
> > behaviour using WinMain() and at the end it calls main() from lua.c.
> hrm. And what if I only need the library ? Is wcelibcex still needed ?
> Anyway, instead of having a fork, having everything upstream is quite
> better.

You need wcelibcex, look at luace.h for all functions starting with wceex_

ok. So wcelibcex can be a dependency of lua on Windows CE. But the lua source can be hacked so that the compilation with cegcc is possible. So no fork.

> these bits == luace.c and luace.h ? or even more (wcelibcex) ?

luace.c is only needed for the interpreter, for lua.c as I said there's no
main() function in Windows CE so you need something which have WinMain().

all the app that i have written for Windows CE, and compiled with cegcc, use main() and not WinMain(). I guess that gcc is doing something to have in the end WinMain().

> > BTW I've played with cegcc and PocketPutty, but it was quite unusable 3
> > years ago. Don't know the status of cegcc now. Patches are always welcome
> > :-)
> It's quite usuable now. Here is what i achived with some graphic libraries :
> So no problem with cegcc.

Looks nice, can you tell me more about it(source would rox! :-))? What's
Moshi? I've seen some EFL libraries in the file explorer on the video and the
UI looks like it's made using it. Thanks.

The libraries are used by the Enlightenment windows manager on unix. The EFL are the Enlightenment Fundation Libraries. They are fast and lean. I've ported them to Windows (XP and CE). And we need lua (the library). Moshi is a concept of gui that could be used in the openmoko project. It uses the EFL for the gui.

For a tutorial about how to compile them with cegcc (mingw32ce): It has been a long time since I compiled them and a lot of things were modified in the svn, so maybe it is not compiling right now. We are working to have an alpha release, so the Windows CE port is a bit on stand by.

Vincent Torri