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Vincent Torri <> [2010-03-21 09:37:25]:

> Hey,


> One can find here : a port of lua for Windows
> CE. The main difference is (I think) the use of a file (luace.c) to provide
> some missing ANSI functions.

No, it's not that simple as you think :-) It uses wcelibcex[1] library and luace.h
contains all the missing ANSI/C bits for the CE/Mobile. Because there's no
main() function in CE/Mobile luace.c is trying to mimic it's behaviour using
WinMain() and at the end it calls main() from lua.c.

> Would it be possible to add that file (and its header luace.h), and provide
> a way to (cross) compile it with cegcc ( ? It
> would be less work, as it is a fork, for now.

What do you mean? Include this bits in Lua? Why?

BTW I've played with cegcc and PocketPutty, but it was quite unusable 3 years
ago. Don't know the status of cegcc now. Patches are always welcome :-)


-- ynezz