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Geoff Leyland <geoff_leyland <at>> writes:

> On 10/03/2010, at 7:51 AM, Mike Pall wrote:
> > I wrote:
> >> This is the third beta release of LuaJIT 2.0.0.
> > 
> > The cross-language benchmark shootout results have been updated
> > for beta3 (thanks Isaac!):
> > ...
> > Ok, so Java received a grace period ... until the next beta. 
> Given that you said
> > This release includes many fixes and performance enhancements,
> > e.g. for recursive code
> what's the story with the binary-trees benchmark?  Is it a GC thing, a
recursive thing or is it a bad benchmark?
> -joff makes it a bit slower, and collectgarbage("stop") at the top (for
instances that fit in memory) make
> it a bit faster, but neither's a huge difference.
> On the other hand, since the shootout appears to judge on the median, it's
probably knucleotide you want to
> make faster.

The "shootout" sorts on the median.

The "shootout" shows the interquartile range because that tells us more.

The "shootout" shows box plots because that tells us more.

But the "shootout" can't make you read them :-)