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Leo Razoumov < <at>> writes:

> I just noticed that the default language shootout homepage
> links directly only to x64 quad-core benchmarks that cover only a
> small subset of languages and excludes Lua. To see LuaJIT results one
> has to click "Help" and from there choose single-core platforms and
> then select "all languages" in a pull-down menu before clicking "show"
> button. Most likely, people will miss Lua benchmarks altogether. Is is
> intentional?

What you seem not to have noticed on the homepage is the links "LuaJIT" and
"Lua" - you'll find them in the Z to A.

You'll find that they are always shown on the homepage.

You'll find that they always link to measurements made on either on x64 one core
or x86 one core.

They do that because no one's contributed programs for Lua that make use of