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Jerome Vuarand wrote:
> In the meantime, should I expect better performance with LuaJIT 1.x or
> the non-JIT LuaJIT2 VM ?

They're quite close. You need to try with your application.

> SSE2 being already 10 years old, do you plan to raise even higher the
> LuaJIT requirements in the near future ?

That's unlikely. LuaJIT makes use of optional CPU features (like
SSE4.1), but there's no point in making them mandatory.

> If I were to replace that
> "old" C3 motherboard, and given that mini-itx motherboards support a
> narrow range of CPUs, what should I look for to make sure LuaJIT will
> run at optimal performance on these admittedly slow x86 CPU that don't
> require extensive cooling ? Current choices are mostly Via C7 and
> Intel Atom platforms, are these among your targets ?

I'd say that depends mainly on your hardware requirements.

I should mention that LuaJIT has special tuning for Atom. And Atom
has acceptable FPU performance, too. But beware, it's still
nowhere near the performance of an out-of-order desktop CPU of
equal frequency.