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Florian Weimer wrote:
> It's an ABI document, not an API document.  Apparently, it doesn't
> describes the <unwind.h> header file

Well, that document is missing quite a few other things. Although
not directly applicable to FreeBSD, e.g. LSB 13.13.1 fills that
gap and specifies the contents of <unwind.h>. If FreeBSD has no
such spec, then it would be logical to use what GCC provides.
I have an #ifdef __GNUC__ around that include, anyway.

> (I'm still looking for
> documentation of the _Unwind_GetIPInfo function, BTW).

It's like _Unwind_GetIP, but also indicates how the address relates
to the next executed instruction (different for signal frames).

> I think you're supposed to paste the declarations you need into
> your run-time library source code. 8-/

I hope not.