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It was thus said that the Great Joshua Jensen once stated:
> (Already done... so I guess I should add that my numbers are WITH an 
> endianness check... that makes core Lua even faster.)
> And for completeness, I've added LuaJIT2 numbers:
> lua.exe load asciidata.lua - 1.99 seconds
> lua.exe load asciidata-luasrcdiet.lua - 1.98 seconds
> lua.exe load binarydata.lua - 0.07 seconds
> luajit2.exe load asciidata.lua - 1.26 seconds
> luajit2.exe load asciidata-luasrcdiet.lua - 1.26 seconds

  My guess is that your Lua file is mostly numeric data.  I know that the
80M Lua file I have is mostly strings, which may explain why the binary
version doesn't have the compression yours does.

  -spc (I also suspect you weren't hit with this bug)