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This is wonderful news (Tk binding was for Lua 4.0).

Tk is somewhat as a standard (tcl, python and perl use it),
which many people knows.

Lua can gain more practitioners.



2010/2/27, Gunnar Zötl <>:
> Hi,
> ltcltk is a binding of the Tcl skripting language and, more importantly,
> of the Tk toolkit to the lua skripting language. More information is
> available from the homepage at
> The module is available from there, or from the luarocks repository.
> A snippet from the README follows:
> ---snip---
> A package that provides bindings for Lua to Tcl and the Tk toolkit.
> Author: Gunnar Zötl , 2010.
> Released under MIT/X11 license. See file LICENSE for details.
> This has been developed using Tcl/Tk 8.4 and 8.5 on Linux and MacOS X.
> It should also compile on Windows, the only non ISO-C function used is
> snprintf().
> ltcl is the binding to the Tcl interpreter. It allows to access Tcl
> variables from Lua, function calls from Lua to Tcl and also from Tcl to
> Lua, plus the ability to define Tcl functions in Lua. See README_ltcl
> for details.
> ltk is a simple pure-Lua binding to the Tk toolkit that uses ltcl to
> access the Tk functionality through a Tcl interpreter. All standard Tk
> functions and widgets from Tk 8.4 and Tk 8.5 are supported, with the
> ability to provide Lua functions where standard Tk expects Tcl functions
> or scripts. A few Tcl functions that seemed useful in the context of ltk
> are also provided. See README_ltk for details.
> A few examples are provided for illustration purposes. They reside in
> the folder samples. The ones whose names start with tk are ported from
> Tk 8.5 examples.
> ---/snip---
> Plus, there's also some documentation ;)
> Enjoy,
> Gunnar