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ltcltk is a binding of the Tcl skripting language and, more importantly, of the Tk toolkit to the lua skripting language. More information is available from the homepage at

The module is available from there, or from the luarocks repository.

A snippet from the README follows:


A package that provides bindings for Lua to Tcl and the Tk toolkit.

Author: Gunnar Zötl , 2010.
Released under MIT/X11 license. See file LICENSE for details.

This has been developed using Tcl/Tk 8.4 and 8.5 on Linux and MacOS X. It should also compile on Windows, the only non ISO-C function used is snprintf().

ltcl is the binding to the Tcl interpreter. It allows to access Tcl variables from Lua, function calls from Lua to Tcl and also from Tcl to Lua, plus the ability to define Tcl functions in Lua. See README_ltcl for details.

ltk is a simple pure-Lua binding to the Tk toolkit that uses ltcl to access the Tk functionality through a Tcl interpreter. All standard Tk functions and widgets from Tk 8.4 and Tk 8.5 are supported, with the ability to provide Lua functions where standard Tk expects Tcl functions or scripts. A few Tcl functions that seemed useful in the context of ltk are also provided. See README_ltk for details.

A few examples are provided for illustration purposes. They reside in the folder samples. The ones whose names start with tk are ported from Tk 8.5 examples.


Plus, there's also some documentation ;)