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On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 1:19 PM, Matthew Wild <> wrote:
On 24 February 2010 18:52, A.S. Bradbury <> wrote:
> I just thought I'd add that Steven Barth's Apache-licensed nixio has
> IPv6 support.

Good to know. Unfortunately LuaSocket is still the more widely used
socket library (I know there are others too), and I don't particularly
feel like rewriting the socket framework in my server (especially not
now I just got it working with libevent).

In fact I've looked at nixio before, but can't recall what I didn't
like about it, without digging into it again. On the other hand the
all-in-one approach is sadly appealing to someone who has spent too
long battling against different libraries and their various sore

I thought about mentioning this earlier, but I'm trying to be less annoying ;)

I use nixio because it has lots of things in one place that I find useful; it's really convenient.

I've been tempted on several occasions to slap a luasocket-looking interface on it for libraries that expect luasocket, but so far I've found ways to avoid it. (For example, writing my own io scheduler using epoll, rather than hacking copas to use epoll and nixio. I've also ripped some things out of luasocket as needed ;)

Maybe one of these days I will break down and write luasocket and copas impostors.

Much respect to Steven Barth for nixio, I really appreciate it.