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Hi all,

This is mostly a clean-up release with bug fixes (particularly in the
dir module) and more robust error checking.

There is a new module which provides application support, like
yet another simple command-line args parser and a useful function
require_here() which modifies the module path so that modules in the
same directory are given preference.

It has support for strict mode (see pl.strict) and passes all its
tests in this mode.

It has also been tested with stock Lua 5.1, luajit 1.1,5, luajit
2.0.0beta2 and Lua 5.2work2.  For the last, there is a module
pl.compat52 which defines setfenv/getfenv and accounts for a few API
renamings [1]

Note that the directory layout is now actually sensible and not based
on Lua for Windows structure!

To run the tests, use the run.lua script from the base directory.

Download from LuaForge at:

I will have a Github project up soon, as well as a Rock.

steve d.

[1] This may be of separate interest, since it summarizes 5.1/5.2 API

require 'debug'
getfenv = function(level)
    return debug.getfenv(debug.getinfo(level+1,'f').func)
setfenv = function(level,env)
     if type(level) == 'number' then
         level = debug.getinfo(level+1,'f').func
      return debug.setfenv(level,env)
unpack = table.unpack
string.gfind = string.gmatch