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Ryan Pusztai schreef:

On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 1:00 PM, Christiaan Kras <> wrote:
I've had a go with creating a Debian/Ubuntu package a short while ago for work. To make a proper .deb can be quite bothersome and although there are quite some tools to help you out it's very confusing and a lot of hassle to create a proper package. However, as soon as you get it going it's not that much of a hassle anymore to keep it up to date.

That was a .deb that only installed some Bash scripts by the way. I figure source- and binary-packages are a lot more work.

What if this was just a deb that depends on a list of debian included Lua packages? Would that be hard?

Just a virtual/meta debian package then? The wanted packages should of course be available in the repository for the given distro.
I guess it's as simple as looking up one of those packages and build one yourself. I think it'll be easier as you only refer to depended packages; you don't have to include the actual packages.