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> Last year I did some experiments with 'Lua for Linux' which avoided
> Debian-specific stuff. It provided a reasonable core set of libraries
> (without SciTE, it was about a Meg) and LuaRocks for extension.  At
> the time, the response was 'Well why don't you do this using the
> obviously standard apt-get package manager?'.  And the reason I gave
> was that Linux is more than Debian; in fact, Unix is more than LInux,
> so I started thinking about 'Lua for Unix' and got a build going on OS
> X as well.

This is the strategy we take for LuaAV (
We include an app that can run multiple scripts simultaneously with a
console window and an interactive editor.  For dependencies that we
can get reliably from ubuntu, there's a shell script to run apt-get,
otherwise we build it form source.