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Hi, Alexander Gladysh

	I used ltxml ever, but it fails sometimes, I could not figure out the bug. And then I wrote an extremely simple Xerces-C++ ( maybe much heavier for your needs ) DOM  api binding myself, it was tested on Windows box only, but I'm not sure if there are no other bugs. You can check the source code from , good luck! 

======= 2010-02-01 04:24:03 you wrote:=======

>Hi, list!
>I need to load some trivial XMLs into Lua data at run-time. XML-s are
>trivial, but do use UTF-8, CDATA and fancy entities, so library must
>handle them well.
>I wanted to use some luarocks-installable module, but failed to find
>one that would install on my Ubuntu box.
>Both luaexpat (which also looks too heavy for my needs) and
>lua-xmlreader (which looks stalled at version 0.1) rocks fail to build
>(I may provide bug reports if anyone interested).
>All other Lua XML bindings I know about are not listed in the
>available rocks list. (And I'd like to avoid to try them one after
>another to find they just don't work for me...)
>Is the situation with XML handling in Lua really that dire as I
>imagine it, or am I just having a bad day? What do you use to handle
>XML in Lua?
>By the way, in my opinion, lua-users Wiki page on XML really sucks. :(
>(No, I'm not volunteering to fix it — I do not have enough data.)

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        Yang Fan