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Would this work?

function addmodulepath(path)
	-- add to package paths (if not already present)
	if not string.find(package.path, path, 0, true) then
		package.path = string.format("%s/?.lua;%s", path, package.path)
		package.path = string.format("%s/?/init.lua;%s", path, package.path)
		package.cpath = string.format("%s/?.dll;%s", path, package.cpath)

On Thu, Dec 31, 2009 at 9:07 AM, Luciano de Souza
<> wrote:
> Hello listers,
> I'm embedding a Lua script in a Pascal program. The script calls functions
> from LuaSQL, consequently, the respective DLLs must be available. I could
> place then in the current directory, but regarding that I have 48 further
> DLLs related to IUP, to concentrate everything in the current directory is
> not a good idea. So I want to create one directory pur application and place
> all the necessary libraries in a separated path. But how to do it?
> I tried the more obvious solution, adding the libraries' folder to the
> Windows path. Surprisely, this procedure didn't work! The programs only can
> be executed if the libraries are all present in the current directory. For
> this reason, I ask:
> 1. How can I add a path to a Lua script allowing it to find the necessary
> DLLs in a folder different from the current one?
> 2. Is this procedure equals for static libraries, in other words, for
> another scripts called by "require"?