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On Thu, Dec 31, 2009 at 4:00 PM, Andrew Wilson <> wrote:
> That is a prototype that Steve Donovan created to flesh out some ideas
> related to how a new luaforge & snippets type site might
> look/operate/feel. Cheers AGRW

I just extended the machinery; Betrand provided the design (we all
liked the Tintin rocket!), Yuri themed Sputnik, and Jim is hosting (he
also did the original prototype of a snippets site using Sputnik)

It is still bare-bones because we're concentrating on functionality,
not beauty ;)

It's still a matter of debate whether snippets and projects should
live together in the same site.  (No final decision to use Sputnik has
been taken, but we are going for a Lua solution definitely).

steve d.