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Hello listers,

I'm embedding a Lua script in a Pascal program. The script calls functions from LuaSQL, consequently, the respective DLLs must be available. I could place then in the current directory, but regarding that I have 48 further DLLs related to IUP, to concentrate everything in the current directory is not a good idea. So I want to create one directory pur application and place all the necessary libraries in a separated path. But how to do it?

I tried the more obvious solution, adding the libraries' folder to the Windows path. Surprisely, this procedure didn't work! The programs only can be executed if the libraries are all present in the current directory. For this reason, I ask:

1. How can I add a path to a Lua script allowing it to find the necessary DLLs in a folder different from the current one?

2. Is this procedure equals for static libraries, in other words, for another scripts called by "require"?