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> Hmm.. the output from the preprocessing is stored as a string in
> memory. gcc outputs a 1.1 meg string when preprocessing #include
> <windows.h>, and cl outputs a 2.6 meg string. I dont think that's too
> much to keep in memory, which i do.
> I'm not 100% sure how the parsed symbols are stored, since it was a
> long time since i edited that code last time.
> After being parsed, the symbols (and other symbols that are
> recursively used) are "quicksaved"(In quickfile.aul), so that it
> doesn't need reparsing next time. the saved data is used to directly
> 'glue' with alien. Sortof.
> My test files check the output from the different parsing stages(or
> whatever it should be called), by reading the test file one should get
> a good feel of how the data is used and stored. (Attached)

It seems i sent my parser-thing to Jack only. It can be found at in case anyone else is interested.