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2009/12/30 Jack Surfer <>:
> I've found Alien to be a very interesting FFI library for Lua, but did not
> find bindings using it (if any).
> In particular, I was searching some Win32 API bindings in Lua for Alien but
> to no avail... :-(
> What would be even more interesting would be IMHO to build a script to
> generate those bindings from windows header files...
> Do you guys have insights about this or already done similar things? Maybe
> links or directions for me?

It's not based on Alien (because I've yet to find a working libffi
port to x64 Windows), but I wrote a partial Win32 API binding if you
need some inspiration. It's very partial, but it already has a lot of
possibilities for simple GUI and console apps. The code is available
online :