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Sean Conner wrote:
  Under MS-DOS (and I assume, Windows), you have the following:

	FindFirstFile()	 - return first file in current working directory
	FindNextFile()	 - return the next matching file

  FindFirstFile() only works for the current working directory (unlike
Unix), it takes a simple file regex (a file glob) and some flags (include
archive files, read-only files, system files, etc) and fills in a structure
(the address of which is passed in first via another function) with the
following information (for Unix, another all is needed to obtain this

Please don't assume. FindFirstFile() will take any valid paths. The most convenient >=Win2K method is probably to use FindFirstFileW() and utilize the extended path string format (to exceed MAX_PATH-length strings) and add a UTF-16 translation layer (if we want to enforce a consistent UTF-8 policy).

The other problem is that in Windows, you will get most of the stat() information with the Find---File() calls. If we wish to enforce POSIX-style functionality, calling again to get stat() information all the time may not be everyone's cup of tea. For apps that want maximum file system performance, perhaps they should roll a custom library.

So, in order to have common functionality, no platform is likely to get a perfect file system library.

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia