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On Saturday 12 December 2009 03:52:00 Miles Bader wrote:
> "Emil Tchekov" <> writes:
> > Is there an easy way to setup actual and working Lua environment under
> > Linux / Ubuntu with wxLua and luasql?
> I expect by far the most satisfactory solution will be having a native
> unbuntu / debian package for wxlua -- the autopackage'd version is a
> huge mess, and at the debian Lua maintainer is really good, and fairly
> responsive.
> Since you're on ubuntu, and ubuntu gets a lot of its packages from
> debian, I'm not sure exactly the right place to ask -- but maybe find a
> ubuntu mailing-list/forum/irc-channel and ask around what the proper
> method for requesting new packages etc, is.
> -Miles


This sounds good. I will try also there.

You are right - this kind of solution is cleaner. And I never meant that I 
wish to have autopackage - just sth. that is comparable - in the ease of use.

I am using the 8.04 LTS Version, and highest available Lua there is 5.1.3 (and 
there are also some older ones)

But may be the maintainer will show understanding and update/recreate his 

thanks and regards