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Dear all,

Is there an easy way to setup actual and working Lua environment under Linux
/ Ubuntu with wxLua and luasql?

I need Lua with wx and SQL extensions - Under Window$ it was fun to install
the "batteries included Lua", but on Ubuntu as it seems there are some
version incompatibilities.

The wxLua autopackage install? without problem - but it is not actual.

luasql (from Ubuntu repositories - installed with Synaptic) installs, but is
not working - known error on loading "luasql.mysql" - lua_getpref)

After deinstalling wxLua (autopackage) and installing the also not actual
Lua 5.1 from Ubuntu Rep - voilla luasql works, BUT without wxWidgets...

Can you please give me links or books or advice etc. where I can read and
learn how to setup the needed environment?

Thank you very much in advance.

kind regards


P.S. I was able to find out following (my skills are not sufficent):
It seems, that wxLua looks for the on other place (path was not
present) - a list with search paths was printed and "not found"
I created the needed path manually, added symbolic link to the mysql driver
in /usr/lib. But it was not the suitable version - "lua_getpref" error on
"require xxx"

P.P.S. Or can I hope that the "batteries-included" Linux version will soon
be available?