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>There are important benefits to this approach.  The Lua module would 
>never need to link against the Lua DLL.  An embedded static Lua 
>distribution in an executable could load any Lua module as easily as 
>lua5.1.dll; this can't happen right now as the Lua module .dll/.so 
>embeds the Lua DLL name.  Worse, on Mac OS X, the full path to the Lua 
>shared library is embedded in the module.  The shared library 
>MUST be at 
>that location.  To run a Lua distribution local to my application, I 
>have to recompile everything and use @executable_path (which isn't 
>always convenient).

You can use install_name_tool to change this paths, like so:

install_name_tool -change <absolute-path> @executable_path/

Unfortunately I found no easy way to do the equivalent (changing RPATH/RUNPATH) on Linux.