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On Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 14:20, Mike Pall <> wrote:
> Alexander Gladysh wrote:
>> > The details can
>> > be found at the download page:

>> >

>> I take it that you've intentionally avoided public places like
>> (That is your right, of course, I've just got used to
>> their RSS and collaboration services)

> I realize that github has additional benefits. But I'd rather have
> it all in one place, since I have my own server, anyway.

Fair enough.

> Do you want an RSS feed of the commits?

Would be nice. That or a mailing list with commit notifications.

I may setup something for myself to periodically pull from your repo
though, so no problems here.

>> Please don't interpret this as a attempt to affect your way of
>> development, but I've thought that LJ2 would be stabilized before x64
>> port development would be begun.

> There are no open bug reports. So it's already stabilizing.

That's good.

> LJ2
> doesn't yet have the feature coverage I have envisioned for the
> non-beta version. Work on feature completeness and the x64 port
> will be performed in parallel. Right now the x64 port needs to
> catch up a bit (a gross understatement).

I see.

>> Can you at least release beta3 incorporating current hotfixes?

> Beta2 + hotfix#2 has all the 'fixes'. The development version has
> new minor 'features'. Now that the git repo is in place, my plan
> is to release new betas only for major fixes or major features.

Well, I just don't like to run my code on the Git snapshots. It is
simpler  to run on some officially named version (even if it is named
"beta2.2" or whatever). At least from management point of view -- it
is easier to say to people "go install beta2.2" than "go install
a6e08e". :-)

I can live with the current situation though.