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2009/12/4 Sam Roberts <>:
> Still fails to build on non-i586 platforms.
> Still fails to build the empty string.
> Both problems described in previous post.

Sorry Sam, but when you've made you're first report there was
fundamentals problems to build the module and I've put the focus on
these problems. This is why I've missed your remarks about empty
string passed for subdirectories build.

This is actually a subtle problem and I've implemented a very dumb solution:

	$(MAKE) PLATFORM=$(strip $(PLATFORM)) -C $@

(already commited in savannah). If you want to suggest a better fix
you are welcome. A complete rewrite of the Makefiles using the
non-recursive approach seems interesting but it does require a major
rewriting. May be I can do that later of may be you can help me and
contribute a patch to implement this change.

For informations I'm looking for people to help me in the development
and I can add interested people as developers in Savannah.

Talking about the problem on x64, I'm not sure but I suspect it was
the 'march=i586' in Lua Makefile. Now is removed but I don't know if
the x64 problem you're talking about is really fixed.