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2009/12/3 Sam Roberts <>:
> Do you expect the gsl module to be useable independently of your
> shell? The graphing capability in particular caught my attention.

Hi Sam,

I'm glad that someone is willing to talk about GSL shell itself and
not about the syntax extension :-)

Actually, the Lua community demonstrated, till now, a very weak
interest on GSL shell but I've nevertheless made the effort to make
the GSL module fully usable from even with standard Lua binaries. If
you look at 'makeconfig' you will see the following lines:


To have a 100% orthodox GSL module you should build it by disable the
complex number support and enable the build as a Lua DLL.
Unfortunately if you disable complex numbers you will miss important
submodules like FFT but other functions will be available. I recommend
anyway to enable at least support for complex numbers.

There is also the higher file 'igsl.lua' that gives access to some
basic facilities functions and it does depends on the |x| syntax. This
shouldn't be a problem because this module's purpose is to serve the
final user in the interactive shell and it is not needed to have
access to core GSL functionalities.