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David Kastrup <> writes:
> The one thing that really struck me about Lua is that Lua programs looks
> like Lua.  They don't go fancy-syntax fishing elsewhere.  That's kind of
> unusual for a script language nowadays.

I agree, in general -- I like Lua syntax, and I don't like things like
attempts to sneak in C-bracey syntax extensions I've seen in the past.

But I think the || syntax for very short anonymous functions is fine.

Just because Lua is, in general, a very "keywordy" language, doesn't
mean it has to _completely_ eschew punctuation -- it uses "+" for
addition after all :) -- and I view || as being exactly in that same
vein, a short expression-oriented syntax, whose main goal is brevity.

[FWIW, I'd also like an ?: operator for in-expression if-else...]


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